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Frack attack

October 22nd, 2007

Jeopardy anyone?

A: $24.75
Q: What does it cost to visit That silly lil’ Doe’s blog?

A: Frack
Q: What is an addiction to fabric called, especially when pimped by Doe?

A: Frackhead
Q: Who/what is a person on Frack?

A: Frapendant
Q: What should be a fabric stash claim on our tax returns?

A: Pic Tease
Q: Who is a person who sends you a snippet pic of something mysterious she’s sending you - and it’s driving you bonkers with anticipation?

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12 Responses

  1. The fabulous Sarah allegedly said:

    Ha, it always costs me something to visit her blog too because of the ideas that start spinning!

  2. The fabulous Moog allegedly said:

    A. Frackus
    Q. A group of Frackheads at a 40% off fabric sale.

  3. The fabulous Monica allegedly said:

    That is too funny Moog. That 40% off sale would describe Fabric Depot to a T. I guess that makes Fabric Depot the Frackhouse!

  4. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH polkadots on red. Gotta be…(ha ha I’m not telling)

  5. The fabulous Pieces allegedly said:

    I know what it is! The anticipation is half the fun, though, isn’t it?

  6. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    Too frackin’ funny!!!!

    I could send you another picture……..nah! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Thanks to Pam and Pieces for not spilling the beans!

  7. The fabulous Bren allegedly said:

    Oh, that is too funny.

    I followed you here from Sillylildoe’s blog because you cracked me up (get the pun?)

    :) Bren

  8. The fabulous Nan allegedly said:

    Well, I must say I have never been fracked before, and I will say I LIKE IT!!
    This is not the first time you’ve been a ‘pic tease’! I kinda like that, too! Looks very cool, whatever it be!!

  9. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Oh Man, I need a frack fix at our favorite frackhouse….Fabric Depot. I MISS IT, I NEED THAT LINT COURSING THROUGH MY VEINS!!!! ARRRRGGGG!!!!! Ok, I’m done. That Silly lil’ Doe has a beautiful blog. Thanks for pointin’ us over to there. :) Ooo, I can’t wait to see your mailbox love!

  10. The fabulous mary allegedly said:

    I love pictease that just makes me laugh

  11. The fabulous Vickie E allegedly said:

    Um funny thing is, is that I wanted to go buy that fabric too once I saw the quilt lil doe made….thank goodness I’m not the only one!

  12. The fabulous kimberly sherrod allegedly said:

    I have wasted a lot of years in the Frackhouse getting high on fiber…I just bought a book called The Painted Quilt ( by Linda & Laura Kemshall) and then I had to go buy soda ash and then I had to buy dye and white fabric- I don’t have much plain fabric, I am a novelty, dots, stripes, checks and gnome, oh, and cupcake/food kind of frackhead! So then yesterday as I was also making panna cotta brains and hearts I washed and then soaked the fabric in soda ash- today hopefully after work I will do a little dying and rubbing with the Paintstiks..after I find the image templates that I also had to buy and my sewing sanctuary swallowed feverishly….does your stuff disappear suddenly? I looked for 2 hours for the hot glue gun yesterday and was nearly in tears and shaking like a chihuahua when Fred got home and helped me find it. How can I lose the glue gun? I thought I was organized…but then the frackin frack hits my veins and I am lost, again…..love your mushroom and your red and aqua and yellow…happy happy joy joy

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