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Willow Nest

June 23rd, 2007

What started out with a little field trip by Pam and Elizabeth, turned into a big field trip for my friend Robin and me. Robin and I both read Pam’s and E’s post about their antiquing adventure in Alameda, and Robin and I both clickie clicked on the link to Willow Nest on E’s post.

I looked, sigh, how pretty, must be in the Bay Area. But sharp eyed Robin noticed Willow Nest is in OUR backyard. Well… backyard for me is 2 hours inland… works for me! So off Robin and I go to the Willow Nest Flea Market!

Lot’s of great vendors and the setting was magical. Dreamy pink and white joy on a sunny day in beautiful Skamania Co., Washington. And at some point in Robin’s and my dreamy adventure was lunch and a quilt shop too.

All the vendors were so friendly and so happy to allow me to take photos and blog about them.

Even the “snack shack” was a thing of beauty. Pure pink and white joy. Who knew a tub of Costco sized Red Vines could look so pretty!

Pimp My Shopping-cart. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

And if the Willow Nest Flea Market was not enough… just over yonder a bit was an iris farm.

I’ll post my booty on another day.  But for now if you want to see all the photos, I have a flickr set here.  Pam and Elizabeth… your adventures really paid off for Robin and me.  Thank you!

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32 Responses

  1. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Grr, now Elizabeth is really going to be mad that I wouldn’t drive up there. But wow, looks lovely! Glad you had fun. Maybe next time we’ll head on up!

  2. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    And amazing pictures. Wow.. really good.Do you love that lantern quilt or what?

  3. The fabulous Clare allegedly said:

    It looks beautiful and so inspiring. Love the lanterns hung in the trees.

  4. The fabulous Connie allegedly said:

    I can think of only three words for this outing: fun, fun, fun. I love the minty blue/green dresser/vanity, and so much more!

  5. The fabulous Mary allegedly said:

    Fun and pretty — just what an outing should be. The snack spot is too cute. I love the little pink touches.

  6. The fabulous Jessica allegedly said:

    Wow! That looks so serene! It looks a lot like a dream, very gauzy and beautiful. Flipped through your picts (drooool) and love love LOOOOOOVE the vintage chinese lantern quilt! TELL ME you BOUGHT IT. Or at least know how to make one. Or something! Ak! I really can’t get over that quilt! Today is supposed to be grey and rainy over here, the best kind of day! Hope you get some of the same!

  7. The fabulous Sandy allegedly said:

    I’m dying for that dresser but actually love EVERYTHING!

  8. The fabulous robin allegedly said:

    We did have a good time…and your pictures are wonderful. I only took 3? Oh well I can relive it through yours. I was too busy looking at everything. LOL Wishing I had bought a couple of those things I saw. :( I am going to order some irises.
    I so enjoyed spending the day out with you and looking forward to another one!

  9. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Yea, I saw the little blip about where it was on Pam’s or Elizabeth’s blog. Can’t remember which one it was, but anyway, I thought WOW,! That’s by Vancouver! I could actually go there! :) Maybe we can hit it after Fabric Depot, unless, of course, a second trip would be too much excitement! :)

  10. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    The only thing that’s keeping me from sobbing all over my keyboard is the afterglow I’m still experiencing from driving Mr. B’s new car yesterday…
    If I have to WALK ALL BY MYSELF I will be going to the next one. (Think I could at least hitch a ride when I get to your neck of the woods?)

  11. The fabulous Bren allegedly said:

    I read about Willow’s Nest over at ‘acottageindustry’ . . . & went to the website & was so bummed that I couldnt’ go. . . it looked so perfect! Thanks so much for taking all the photos. . . it was like you took us with you! (. . . well almost . . .) I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time!

  12. The fabulous Diane allegedly said:


  13. The fabulous sharon allegedly said:

    I WANT that pink shopping cart. OMG is that not to die for?????? That whole place looked magical. Wish I lived close enough to go there on a field trip. I would be there in a second.
    Thanks for sharing your day.

  14. The fabulous Cottage Magpie allegedly said:

    OMG! Okay, first of all, I MISSED THE WILLOW NEST FLEA MARKET! And secondly, YOU WENT TO THE WILLOW NEST FLEA MARKET WITHOUT ME! IT’S LIKE 30 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE! And it’s not open again until August 18th! I can’t belive I missed it! This move thingy has been all discombobulated. And the gorgeous pictures just make it hurt even more. I must sulk now. ~A :-)

  15. The fabulous Christiane allegedly said:

    looks like a perfect day, flea market and garden tour, your pics are great. Sometimes I wish that “beam me up”- thing would work, willow park is worth a visit or two…..with a big spender and a van……..:-))

  16. The fabulous kathleen allegedly said:

    How dreamy these photos are, what a cool adventure!
    I love flea markets, and this one really looks like my cup of tea. :)

  17. The fabulous Wende allegedly said:

    Ooh… all that beauty at a flea market! WOW!! :D (like I need another reason to take a road trip.)

  18. The fabulous amandajean allegedly said:

    oh, wow! pure pink and white joy indeed! looks like a beautiful day.

  19. The fabulous Kelli allegedly said:

    I think that might just be the prettiest flea market I’ve ever seen! What a treat.

  20. The fabulous Nan allegedly said:

    I agree with Kelli - it IS the prettiest flea market I’ve ever seen. There’s now drool all over my keyboard…… I can’t wait to see what you purchased there!

  21. The fabulous Lynn allegedly said:

    I agree, that flea market looks fabu. And I have exciting news! I finished my Half Moon Bay quilt, the one that was made with your Cherry quilt pattern from Quilts N More! Thought you’d like to see a (finally) finished quilt… http://craftstew.blogspot.com/2007/06/half-moon-bay-is-cold.html

  22. The fabulous Lynn allegedly said:

    Ok, I just read your hilarious notes. My poor comment will be sent to a moderation living a life of misery. Just wanted to let you know that I finished a quilt using your pattern and it’s up on my blog! :)

  23. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    That pimped out shopping cart is cracking me up! Looks like an absolute fabulous day ~ even some sunshine ~ Wow!

  24. The fabulous Mary Anne allegedly said:

    I’m trying to catch my breath!! WOW !! What a beautiful flea market !!! I love those vintage bikes painted in pastel colors !! (makes me want to paint my 1968 purple Schwinn Hollywood bike with the sparkly hand grips a pastel pink!!!!!)

  25. The fabulous Deanna (domestic chicky) allegedly said:

    OK, that does it..I am going to have to take a trip up there just for you to take me all of these amazing places…you just have to come down here one weekend for the Long Beach Flea Market, or the Rose Bowl, or Pasadena City College…
    Missed you!

  26. The fabulous Sara, The House of Charm allegedly said:

    Absolutley perfect! Tell me you had ice tea and wonderful refreshments to help you get through the days shopping! Great photos!!

  27. The fabulous Hope allegedly said:

    OMG! That looks so beautiful! I wanna go!

  28. The fabulous Steph allegedly said:

    OMG it’s all so pretty! You are so lucky to have been to that!!! I want…everything there!

  29. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    Just like everyone else, I’m in love with that lantern quilt. Do you have a pattern for it? I thought I’d ask just in case. Love the photos!

  30. The fabulous Angelina allegedly said:

    Oh that looks like such good fun! And almost in my back yard too!!! Speaking of…my friend Lisa and I are plotting our trip to your back yard to adopt your lovely hens in the next week-depending on what works for you. I’ll e-mail you. We’re very excited to take a road trip in which we get to hang out with chickens and meet you!!

    Your friend Robin just commented on my blog-she seems like a really fun friend to have!

  31. The fabulous bev allegedly said:

    Looks like a brilliant flea market and a brill day out too!!

    love bev xxx

  32. The fabulous Karmyn R allegedly said:

    OOh - what a lovely unique place. I will have to visit sometime when I head North.

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