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His & Hers

June 2nd, 2007

His & Hers… or what’s better known at our house - what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine. Ok, not really. But since I’m the Director of Operations (aka Hazel) I get to call it all mine. Right? Right!

Because everything at our house is a constant WIP, DH decided to start a new WIP. He and I are really not so different. He has his tools, I have mine. He has his fibre, I have mine. He has his stash, I have mine. He has his WIP’s, I have mine. I have my WIP’s shoved gently stored in a cupboard and out of sight… he has his WIP’s for all to see (read: me).

Last weekend was another busy day in the yard on the landscaping WIP (still a WIP btw), and DH starts digging a notch into the hillside off the back deck. DH got the bee up his butt to start his fantasy outdoor kitchen. Being that it was our 17th anniversary and I was feeling a bit lightheaded (apparently), I whispered those five little words every man fantasizes hearing his wife say… “Want to go to Lowe’s?”.

My suggestion was to go the following morning, but the sparkle in DH’s eyes told me otherwise. I guess it’s like The Little Blue Pill…. once you take it you have to use it right away. So we dropped everything and headed to Lowe’s. Friday night, 8pm and an hour’s drive to Lowe’s. SURE… why not! And to top it off… dinner at 11pm at Jack in the Box (and my JITB two taco fix). Happy Anniversary darling! DH did his thing - he calls it loading the truck.  DS and I do our thing - we call it an opportunity to goof off. In my case it’s a blogotunity, in DS’s case it’s a myspaceotunity. The apple does not fall far from the tree!

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19 Responses

  1. The fabulous Doe allegedly said:

    I’m jealous your DH is handy. My Sweetie, not so much. Just because I have my own sewing tools, he thinks I also keep a hacksaw and other manly tools in my sewing room. Sure, I use them to cut my fabrics. Arrrghh!

    Your DS is funny! BTW, how big is that cart? It looks like the size of a bathtub! lol!

  2. The fabulous Connie allegedly said:

    Your posts always give me miles of smiles! Your Hubby’s knack for WIP’s sounds so familiar!

  3. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    Oooo, will the outside dream kitchen be done by the time I’m out there?? BBQ!!! Ok, and the kid! Wow, he’s so handsome! I mean, he’s always been a cutie pie, but he’s a MAN! Dang them all, for growin’ up. On to new adventures, tho. Glad you all had fun at Lowes! Our Lowes is about an hour and a half away, so we usually go to Home Depot! :)

  4. The fabulous Julie allegedly said:

    And don’t we love our little apples…smile…

    WIP’s for DH and myself as well. Maybe that’s the only thing we have in common…that phrase “you complete me” doesn’t work with our projects…smile

  5. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    I’m going to need some food on that deck sometime.

  6. The fabulous Autum allegedly said:

    Is there anything sexier than a man in a tool belt? I take that back, there is. A man washing dishes or vacuuming is pretty darn hot. That’s what I keep telling my husband anyway :)
    I love the parking lot fun.
    Happy belated anniversary!!

  7. The fabulous Wende allegedly said:

    Oh! Happy Anniversary. :D At this exact moment, I have a contractor poking around our house–so I know of what you speak. :D

    Blessings on your celebration–sounds like you found a real keeper in DH.

  8. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    Um, I can skip Lowe’s…tho it sure beats Home Depot…but is there ANYTHING better than 2 JITB tacos??? I THINK NOT.
    That’s one great anniversary dinner!
    But you could’ve added a blackberry shake (with whipped cream!) just to be festive.

  9. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    That is awesome! Please send him to NM when he is done with your outside kitchen to build me one:) Seriously:)

  10. The fabulous Amanda allegedly said:

    My DH understands my need for tools, a stash, and the need to hang out in his garage working on a creative idea because he is the same way with his woodworking stuff. I love that! He also wonders why I keep all of my scraps of fabric. It sounds like you have a wonderful DH just like mine!

    Your son is handsome! The picture of him is just too funny!

    I love your blogs new fashion! It looks so pretty and aqua! Is it aquabloglicious?

    Happy Anniversary!

  11. The fabulous Michelle allegedly said:

    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like one of our celebrations.

    DS is adorable and obviously as much fun as you.

  12. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Happy Anniversary!

    An outdoor kitchen!! How fun. We WILL have one at my house someday too. We just need to figure out where that house is to be! (things are moving along. I’ll let you know on that front soon…)

  13. The fabulous lindiepindie allegedly said:

    Cute post, Monica. What a cute parallel between Lowe’s (the store with the big blue sign) and the blue pill. :o) And it’s nice to see that blogging gives you and your son something fun to do in common!

  14. The fabulous kathleen allegedly said:

    Happy Anniversary!

    Just please don’t let the information slip out that there is a Lowe’s anywhere in the vicinity to Shawn… ye gads… I’ve already spent 75% of our marriage there! ;)

    Come over to my home for a visit, and you’ll get over all of your handyman woes! ;)

  15. The fabulous Hope allegedly said:

    Those are very magic words ’round here! Love this post. So true. So true.

  16. The fabulous missy allegedly said:

    That is so creative! I love the his and hers tools! I caught my dh trying to use my rotary cutter to cut the back side of carpet one time! I told him he was crazy and that he was gonna hurt himself… just like he always tells me I’m gonna hurt myself when I borrow his! LOL! It’s nice tho that you guys can sort of work together! LOL!

  17. The fabulous jessica allegedly said:

    what a nice, creative family.
    with his and hers tools. great.

  18. The fabulous ~ robyn allegedly said:

    Ahhh…Hardware stores…one of my fantasy places. You can find all sorts of “things-that-you-can-use-for-something-else-beside-the objects-intended-use”! Isn’t that what creativity is all about? Like dryer ducting - - great robot costumes. Roofing Flashing distressed in just the right way looks like tin ceiling tiles…sort of… a girl can dream! Don’t even get me started on PVC piping Oy!
    I think the Zombie family is in competition with mine…I mean some other families… to make sure those security camera watching guys have a good laugh! Why do I see people shaking their heads at me and my kids as they pass us in the aisles? Why why why???

    Your DH got Lowe’s. Did you get chocolate?

  19. The fabulous Kathy allegedly said:

    How in the world did he fit in the shopping cart? My 4-y-o got stuck in one of those! It took lots of crying and mom power to get him out. What a wife you are to agree to the outdoor kitchen! I’d love a new deck! *sigh*

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