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OMG x 325 = Wow!

April 18th, 2007

OMG… I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I mean a LOT. OMG, OMG, OMG! So much good stuff that I can’t stop myself from saying it. I’ve been saying OMG even more then my latest word addiction… “My Friend”, thanks to Myrna and Schmyrna. Though the later is in humor and mocking.

My first plethora of OMG’s came in the mail from PamKittyMorning. A little surprise. A surprise to me, and a surprise to Pam (she said she forgot what she sent me. Yup… she’s my Wonder Twin alright!). Way back when, Pam had made a post about something. Something, something, blah, blah, blah… I couldn’t read the words because I couldn’t take my eyes off the cute kitty bowl she had in the post’s photo. I commented on how much I loved her bowl and how cute I thought it was and blah, blah, blah… POOF… she sends me my own little bowl! A bowl of my own with a darling little monkey (that’s now become my Official PamKittyMorning Fan Club Mascot). The other members have their own animal mascots too. The monkey is now mine. Now all I need is to fill it with the Official Snack Food of Happy Zombie & PKM… Cheeze-It’s. And check out the darling HK Easter egg filled with goodies. Um, WERE filled with goodies.

Note to Pam if you’re reading this…. OMG, your car is so cute!

My friend Robin, who is an avid blogger without a blog (sounds so much better then Lurker, eh), gave me this adorable pincushion slash tread catcher that she made. Robin and I are in the same Redwork Club at Anna Lena’s. Each month we take turns designing/showing a project. When it was Robin’s turn, she showed us this way cool pincushion slash thread catcher she made (and instructions). Again, I went on and on how cute it was… and the next thing I know - Robin gives it to me! Though, Robin did say it was for Mimi. Ok, for Mimi I guess. Mimi, Mimi, Mimi. I’m starting to develope a Jan Brady complex. The cute little redwork design she got from jensensvacandsew.com.

Note to Robin if you’re reading this… that huge stack of vintage 30’s quilts you have are so cute!

My friend Connie (aka BLOP), another avid blogger without a blog (but is a big commentor), went to Arizona and soaked up some of that, um, what’s it called… oh yes, sun! Mz Blop and Mr Blop went to AZ to get some sun and visit family.

Connie is ALWAYS thinking of someone other then herself, and being on her trip was no different. Connie went to some big quilt show and found some yummy red and aqua goodies for me. It was like as if I went to the show with her - but I was too drunk to remember anything. And if her little Arizona goodies weren’t enough… Connie gave me THE FUNNIEST BOOK EVER!

My friend Karen went to Hawai’i and all I got was a lousy pair of $3 flip flops. Ok, not really. Not lousy and it’s actually an entire big bag of flip flops that I asked her to pick up for me (my faves and the only ones I’ll wear - Locals brand rubbah slippahs).

Karen gave Connie and me each a little handmade Hawaiian quilt clutch. Connie picked yellow, and I picked blue. It’s adorable and am thinking it might be perfect for my cell phone. Having Karen think of us while she was in Hawai’i was like us being there with her. But again… too drunk to remember anything.

Today was a big day at my front door. First the FedEx man (he’s SOOO nice BTW) and then our USPS lady (she’s also really nice). Though I often wonder if my UPS guy, the FedEx man and USPS lady meet over coffee and discuss what’s up with all these packages coming and going at Casa de Zombie.

Anyhoo… An unexpected surprise from the super talented and creative Laurie of Old School Acres! I could barely contain myself as I ripped open the package. OMG, OMG, OMG… Laurie, Queen of the Softies… sending ME a package! And there is it, the little softie beaver I had fallen in love with on her blog. Do I even need to say at this point that I commented on her post on how cute I thought it was??? And loving and living in Oregon, I loved this little beaver all the more! You really need to click on the photo to see how cute it is and all the detail and expertise Laurie put into this. My new little friend needs a name. She’s sweet, she’s cute, she’s made with love. All she needs is a name. Suggestions?

The motherload of Rico Swappy love… I get this. I joined the First Aid Swap over at Missy’s Crafty Carnival. Missy partners me up with Amy of Peptogirl, and says to me how nice Amy is. I’m already feeling lucky with Missy’s endorsement! Amy and I chatted a bit and I could tell right away that Missy was right (though I never doubted her)… Amy was so nice. And it’s so nice and comforting when you have a good communication with your swap partner.

So before I get to the motherload, this is what I sent to Amy. Just a simple little first aid kit (a purse I made with her faves of polka dots and pink), which evolved into a travel kit which evolved into an emergency snack kit (and my favorite coffee from Astoria - Thundermuck). It was fun putting this together for Amy, especially fun to shop for pink stuff!

And now… the motherload.

OMG, OMG, OMG! And it’s not so much WHAT was in the box… but WHAT Amy did. So much thought, so much kindness, so much generosity, SO MUCH STINKIN’ CUTE stuff! You can click on this mosaic and see all the photos.

I could write for hours with all Amy put into this, but I want you to visit her blog and read her nice write up about all she did. I’m gushing. Just gushing! Thank you Amy! And PS… I’m SOOOO subscribing to Adorn magazine! I had never even heard of it until now. I love that title… “Adorn - The crafty girl’s guide to embellishing life”.

Thank you all! I feel so loved. And now I must nap.

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21 Responses

  1. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    What absolutely fabulous goodies!! I’m heading over to Amy’s blog next to check her out:)I can’t believe you have never heard of Adorn mag, well I guess it is pretty new…it is SO cool!!!
    Beavers are so cool!!! I’ve always wished that I could see one IRL (like in the real IRL wild!!) but no luck so far. My suggestion for her name is Penelope (courtesy of Miss S).

  2. The fabulous Jessica allegedly said:

    What an awesome bunch of mailbox love! I think I’ll suggest Bernice T. Beaver. ;-)

  3. The fabulous laurie allegedly said:

    ACK!!! I sent you the wrong beaver LOL I meant to send the one with the leaf on it’s head. Well, boo. :(

  4. The fabulous kelli allegedly said:

    wow! That is some loot!!

  5. The fabulous Kathleen allegedly said:

    What a haul!! I would name the little beaver Gertrude or maybe Millicent, although I like Raesha’s suggestion of Penelope too. They all have cute nickname possibilities too - Gertie, Millie and Penny!

  6. The fabulous May Britt allegedly said:

    The beaver is beautiful. And what about calling her Be(a)verly.
    It is soooo fun having mailbox surprises. I got some yesterday and it was so fun.

  7. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    OMG I am so envious. Seriously I love love that Beaver. Of course I love love love my bird from Laurie. And all your amazing first aid stuff. I just freakout over all the creative stuff. Like the idea Craft first aid. I was so thinking bandaids and Neosporin Love the polkadot bag, did you make it,because if so I pretty much am demanding some of that fabric right now.

    And what about my car? I have already forgotten about that now. Which probably comes as no surprise. It is SEWICKD.

    Ok, wow and wow! Glad you liked the bowl and keep an eye on that Beaver if I’m in town.

  8. The fabulous beki allegedly said:

    Holy crap woman! You must be doing something right :-)

  9. The fabulous capello allegedly said:

    whoa! awesome!

  10. The fabulous laeroport allegedly said:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Holy stinkin’ swap batgirl. That is a lot of bloggie love!

  11. The fabulous Amy (Peptogirl) allegedly said:

    Awww…I’m so glad you liked everything! I just subscribed to Adorn and, of course, they sent me an issue that I already had. I had been saving it for somebody who I thought would appreciate it ;)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pretty purse and everything in it!!! It’s pink-a-licous!

  12. The fabulous debbi allegedly said:

    As an OSU grad, I love the beaver, so cute! But my big question…where were the button straign pins found?????

  13. The fabulous Monica allegedly said:

    Those button pins are from {whispering} Jo Ann’s. Are they not too cute! Easy to grab, and easy to stick in your mouth too. I run with scissors and swim immediately after eating too.

    Lovin’ all these name suggestions!!! And Laurie… this could never be the wrong beaver! I love her leaf or no leaf. :)

  14. The fabulous Kim allegedly said:

    Cool loot! Love your beaver; love Laurie’s creations! If I had a beaver, I think I’d have to name it Wynona. Can’t help it–beavers always remind me of the Primus song! LOL!

  15. The fabulous robin allegedly said:

    I got to see all of the mailbox love IRL at redwork today…and I got to meet Mimi. She is just as nice and sweet as Monica has said. I also got to see the cute quilt she has been making. I think my DGD needs a Mimi of her own…christmas is coming…

  16. The fabulous Ang allegedly said:

    Im drooling over here…..oh my what a score!!!!! You got the century hall over here, & that redwork, how fabulous!!!!

  17. The fabulous lindiepindie allegedly said:

    Look at you go with your super duper long post of yummies! I have a favorite bowl as well. Well, actually I had a favorite bowl with a fish in it, then when I went back to Taiwan for a visit I was able to get another bowl and a plate. If I’m ever eating something particularly happy and yummy, I use my happy bowl or plate. If one ever breaks, I just might cry.

  18. The fabulous cindy allegedly said:

    WOWWEEE!!! Yep, I can feel your excitement and see why! All the pictures and words were just so much fun, I felt like jumping up and down with you. I love that bowl and the beaver! It’s so cute, and funny to say. tee hee

  19. The fabulous Paula allegedly said:

    Holy buckets!! You are one lucky (well deserved, of course!) chicka. Very cool. I’m only a little jealous…

  20. The fabulous Angelina allegedly said:

    What a great lot of good stuff you have gotten in the mail recently! I think you are magic.

  21. The fabulous Lizzy House allegedly said:

    I love your colors, I just went through your blog and I really love your use of color. I also really enjoy the way you write.

    Have a great day.

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