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New Digs/100th Postaversary

February 12th, 2007

housewarm1.jpgWelcome to my new home! In celebration of my new home and my 100th Postaversary, I will have a drawing for this darling Japanese quilty-craft book appropriately titled “House”. On Saturday (2-17-07) Friday (2-16-07) I’ll draw a name from a comment left on this post for this darling book I got at Kinokuniya in Beaverton, OR. I want to thank you all for the wonderful comments you left on the Bloggy Love Drug post. I had no idea my jar would be filled with so much BLD! You guys are GREAT and THIS IS WHY I blog - because of you!

housewarm2.jpgIt was time to kiss the “B word” (Blogger) good-bye and hello to WordPress.com (I’m actually using WordPress.org)! Moving over was a snap, but re-hacking all my hacks was a chore and a half. I hope this will be an end to all the problems I had with Blogger. I still have a few glitches here and there with font size and color… and a few little tweaky tweaks that need to be done… but I think I’m good to go! Some of the posts and comments didn’t move over that well. The dates are whacky and your names are not linked with your blogs (I’m still working on trying to fix that). I’m just glad I was able to transfer everything over (another gold star for WordPress). All new comments should be fine (typing with my fingers crossed).

I’m hoping making a comment will be a breeze now. No more word verification here. Though… the first time you comment your post will be held for moderation. Once your first comment is approved, you’ll be free to post comments with no moderation or word verification. Easy cheezy, eh! This is not to have you wait in line for the bouncer to let you in… it’s to keep the rif-raf spammers out.

I have a favor… if you spot anything out of whack, please don’t hesitate to mention it! Especially you PC users, as I have no idea how everything is functioning and looking on a non-Mac computer. I appreciate it so much!

Welcome to my new home and thank you for visiting! Putting your feet on the coffee table is allowed and encouraged! - Monica
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43 Responses

  1. The fabulous Laurie allegedly said:

    Welcome to your new home! It looks great!

    That book looks pretty cool.

  2. The fabulous laeroport allegedly said:

    Congratulations on 100! And on your move.

  3. The fabulous laeroport allegedly said:

    Oh, and from a pc, this all looks fantastic. :)

  4. The fabulous katie allegedly said:

    I’m delurking to say…happy blogwarming! Hope you love the new setup!

  5. The fabulous Michelle allegedly said:

    Congrats on your new digs. And Happy 100th blogiversary!

  6. The fabulous jenn allegedly said:

    Love the new site. interesting comments about blogger and wordpress, I’ve been wondering which one to use. I’m on vox.com right now

  7. The fabulous Cindy allegedly said:

    Ooo, looks good. But then again, your place always looks great! :) I’d love to see that book in person, but this summer, we’ll have to make a run to Uwajimaya and Kinokuniya just for fun. :)

  8. The fabulous raesha allegedly said:

    Congratulations on your new home and on your 100th post!!! Love you!

  9. The fabulous kirsty allegedly said:

    No “alleged” about it - I’m here to say the new house is BOOTIFUL! (and my feet are parked well and truly on the coffee table).

  10. The fabulous kirsty allegedly said:

    Hey, how cool is this? I’m Subscriber No 1!

  11. The fabulous June allegedly said:

    Great new site–I love the whole design of it.

  12. The fabulous Lauri Smith allegedly said:

    Congrats on your move! I’ve been wanting to move for a while, but then I hear about all the hassle, and I get scared. Then I decided to just get my own website…I have someone doing it for me, but he just won’t move the blog over for me yet!

    Sounds like your move went very smoothly, and everything looks great!

  13. The fabulous May Britt allegedly said:

    I have no added your new blog to bloglines. I enjoy reading your posts. I love japanese books (even if I can’t read them LOL) and have made some things from the books I have.

  14. The fabulous Wende allegedly said:

    It looks great. Welcome to WordPress. You’ll love it. If you haven’t loaded Akismet for the spam, DO! You won’t have to worry about all that comment spam that comes in.

    I’m so so glad you’re off blogspot. I’m off to change your URL in my links. :D

  15. The fabulous Megan allegedly said:

    Congratulations on your 100th post! I’ll get there in about…90 more posts :)

  16. The fabulous Ginger allegedly said:

    Happy 100th post! Funny, today being your 100th post and I just found you. I’m looking forward to more.

  17. The fabulous elizabeth allegedly said:

    Glad you’re settling in to your new home! You’ve had PROBLEMS with blogger? Say it ain’t so!

  18. The fabulous Dana allegedly said:

    Happy Housewarming :)

    Everything looks good so far :)
    Congrats on your big 100 also!
    Thanks for a great blog, I’m a frequent visitor/lurker ;) Please put my name in your drawing. I’d love to give that sweet little books a new home!


  19. The fabulous Jackie allegedly said:

    Happy Housewarming (or Blogwarming as the case may be!). I LOVE your new books! Off to finish my potholders (actually oven mitts) for the swap!

  20. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Hey, this rocks. I don’t see anything that needs fixin’. Man I love that book already.. I might have to make a trip to the bookshop if I don’t win.
    Happy new bloggin home.

  21. The fabulous Pam allegedly said:

    Oh sorry, I lied, you do have one little weird thing.. Websites on your side bar, is next to The Chicken Coop instead of below it. xo

    I fixed it… THANKS! Can you refresh and see if it’s truly fixed? It must be a PC glitch. xoxoxoxox - Monica

  22. The fabulous feli allegedly said:

    Here is to the 100th Post and may there be more posts to come. :*) I enjoy reading your blog so much.

  23. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    Wow, you look loverly in your new digs! Congrats on the 100th..that went fast, didn’t it?? Book looks very interesting!!

  24. The fabulous violet allegedly said:

    I enjoy reading your blog. Looks great!! Happy 100th. :-)

  25. The fabulous Darlene allegedly said:

    Happy 100th - I’m about to hit 100 on my blog, too. Your blog is a delight to read. That Japanese craft book is adorable; the winner will enjoy it very much!

  26. The fabulous tamara allegedly said:

    Congratulations on 100 & the move! That Japanese craft book looks fantastic :)

  27. The fabulous Rachael allegedly said:

    Congratulations on your new home, and your 100th post.

  28. The fabulous Monique allegedly said:

    Congratulations with your new site and a Happy 100th blogiversary !

  29. The fabulous Mika allegedly said:

    I love the site! Everything looks good on my PC. Have I ever mentioned I am totally in love with your colors?? lol. I’ve never even SEEN a Japanese craft book IRL, so if I win that would just be gravy!

    And why didn’t anyone tell me blogger sucked before I signed up???

  30. The fabulous Denise Wheeler allegedly said:

    Have a great time in your new “Home”! It looks great. I look forward to the results of the drawing! I have my fingers crossed!


  31. The fabulous Monica allegedly said:

    OMG… thank you all for the wonderful comments you’ve left for me. I’m truly in awe and touched by you guys!

    Thanks too for the bug reports and being beta testers of sorts. It’s been a challenge for me to have my blog here be exactly like my blog when it was over at Blogger. Kind of like moving your furniture from a round house into a square house and having fit exactly the same. Please don’t be shy about letting me know if you see bugs! I appreciate it so much!

    Bloggy Love to you all!

  32. The fabulous jona allegedly said:

    Oooooh…what a cute blog (I just popped over here from Wren’s Nest). Adding to favorites now.

  33. The fabulous Autum allegedly said:

    Congratulations on the big 100!!! Your new home is lovely, very bright and cheery.

  34. The fabulous Claire allegedly said:

    yay! congrats and happy blogiversary!

  35. The fabulous Michelle allegedly said:

    I’ll be waiting to see how you like Wordpress. I’m still in the B world and am always curious about the other side. ;) Happy 100th!

  36. The fabulous Karyn allegedly said:

    A change is as good as a holiday, they say! Everything looks great. I posted my pot-holder today…I can’t wait for my partner to receive it.

    Happy 100th!

  37. The fabulous Angelina allegedly said:

    At some point please explain to me why you chose Wordpress over Typepad? I have been contemplating moving too but have no idea how to choose.

    Looks great!

  38. The fabulous Wende allegedly said:

    Ok, now I feel bad, bad, bad! I didn’t think of begging flour! You’re so right, I could have asked you… but I was just too overwhelmed to think of a solution. S i g h.

    Forgive me?? :D

    I don’t know why you’d feel bad! But if it makes you feel better… you can treat me to a glass of wine! - Monica

  39. The fabulous Wende allegedly said:

    You’re on! Let’s get together next week sometime. :D

  40. The fabulous ashley allegedly said:

    okay…it’s late, we’ve been at church, and i WILL be back…anyone who digs a balogna sandwich as much as me will always have something good to say! AND……. SOMEDAY….i will make a quilt and email you a picture! i wanna read your posts about the whole switching ordeal, tomorrow…i wanna be in the drawing too…am in the hat? okay…bye!

  41. The fabulous robin allegedly said:

    Looks great.

  42. The fabulous Heidi allegedly said:

    Wow, I’m in awe at your big change and all that you did to get here! Even smells like fresh paint in here! LOL
    Happy 100th!

  43. The fabulous Caitlin O'Connor allegedly said:

    Hi Monica - I just found your GORGEOUS blog through a comment you made over at Kirsty’s (Two Lime Leaves)… can I be entered into the bloggy love contest to, please, huh, huh?
    Aren’t Japanese craft books/mags just the coolest? Alas, no big bookstores near me, and limited funds - but when I get down to Sydney next, look out!

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