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Take one Bloggy Love Drug - And comment me in the morning

February 8th, 2007

WARNING: The Bloggy Love Drug has reported known sides effects -Friendship, inspiration, swapping, shopping, laughter, saying “OMG” repeatedly, and last but not least… cravings for Cheez-It’s.

You’re here either because you’re already on the Bloggy Love Drug prescription plan, or you’re here because maybe you read about blogging in the April issue of Better Home’s & Gardens - American Patchwork & Quilting (or you read the full article online here).

If you’re already taking your daily dose of the Bloggy Love Drug… I just want to say thank you for being a bloggy pal, visiting/commenting, having me on your blogroll or bloglines, being my cheerleader, and inspiring me in ways I didn’t even know was possible. Thank you my bloggy pals for keeping my Bloggy Love Drug prescription filled!

Are you here for the first time and thinking what the Cocoa Puffs is she babbling about? Well you, our future bloggy pals… need to get on the Bloggy Love Drug prescription plan! There are quite a few pharmacies out there, but the most popular by far are at Blogger.com (free) and Typepad.com. Edited in… and Wordpress.com (free) too. Thanks Wende and Linda!

Fast forward - You now have a blog of your own and now all you need is your BLD prescription filled and re-filled:

STEP 1) Write on your blog what’s of interest to you. Show us your WIP’s (works in progress), tell us about your family and friends, show us your photos… it’s up to you what you blog about. Besides uploading photos via your blog service, you can also get free photo storage at places like Flickr and PhotoBucket.

STEP 2) Keep a blogroll (links) of your favorite blogs. This is a benefit for yourself, but it’s also a way sharing and/or promoting other blogs that are of interest to you. Putting someone’s blog on your blogroll is a nice thing to do. You don’t have to ask… just do it and you’ll be surprised how happy it makes a fellow blogger!

STEP 3) Comment, comment, comment! When I first stated blogging I thought I had to literally be friends with the blogger to make a comment. SO NOT TRUE! It’s actually HOW you become friends! I know, that sounds so puppy dogs and rainbows the way I put that… but commenting really is the way to meet other bloggers. When you fill out the little comment box, there’s also a field where you can enter your blog’s URL. Now when you make a comment, the other commentors have a way to pop on over to your blog and visit you. Easy Cheezy.

STEP 4) Have coffee and snacks handy (Cheez-It’s), for you may be sitting at your computer blogging for many hours on end and you’ll need your nourishment.

Steps 1 - 4 is only the beginning! There’s so much more to the Bloggy Love Drug and I hope you all get inspired to blog as well as to share your thoughts on your own views of the BLD! And if you’ve never commented before… ga-head… give it a whirl! You’ll be glad you did… and so will I!

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21 Responses

  1. The fabulous autum allegedly said:

    This is a great description of blogging :)

  2. The fabulous The Chicken Lady allegedly said:

    I’m so glad you got me on the Bloggy Love Drug prescription plan! :)

  3. The fabulous Peach Pod allegedly said:

    Does it have to be Cheez-It’s? Can I go with chocolate or Bugles? How about Cheetos? Should we come up with ‘official’ blogging food?

  4. The fabulous Amy Green allegedly said:

    I’m going to comment, comment, comment! First, I love the design of your blog, very cute. Second, thanks for helping me not feel like a blog junkie..there are others out there! Thirdly, hmmm…have a great day!

  5. The fabulous PamKittyMorning allegedly said:

    Just coming by to take and deliver the daily dose! Great little blog description my friend. Pass the cheezits and coffee.

  6. The fabulous LoriLaurieLauri allegedly said:

    Hmmm…wonder who she could be talking about? CONNIE, maybe? lol! Sounds like the email I sent her this morning! lol!

    But there is a #5…get a “I’m Blogging This” t-shirt! People start asking you all kinds of questions, acting really weird, and wondering if you really are going to be blogging about them later!

  7. The fabulous Cynthia allegedly said:

    So true, so true, thanks for the encouragement to keep plugging along.

  8. The fabulous blop allegedly said:

    Oh my friend, you are wearing me down!! I will do it sooooon!
    Love the step by step, tho.
    You must have od on chee zits today, we missed you.

  9. The fabulous Wende allegedly said:

    As a seasoned veteran… I have to say… WORDPRESS rocks. Heh. (I feel about blogspot like you feel about Joann’s.)

    And Boy Wonder used to ask people if they read my blog… and I’m seriously tempted to print up a t-shirt (ok FIVE!) that say, “Have you read my Mom’s blog??”

  10. The fabulous Jane Weston allegedly said:

    How true! I’ve only been blogging for a short while and I’m definitely on the Bloggy Love Drug prescription plan :) I love sharing and getting the feedback…it’s like having an on-line quilting group.
    And yes, I found you through American P&Q…a very good read.

  11. The fabulous Feeling Simply Quilty allegedly said:

    That’s a great article. You should submit it somewhere for paid publication! What do you tell people that still have dial up and the screen times out before they can see pictures? That’s not me, I have broadband, but, I’ve got a couple of friends that still have slow dial up. I tell them, get broadband.

  12. The fabulous oilclothjunkie allegedly said:

    Thank you for the pep talk. It’s absolutely true about making great friends. I recently met 5 “blog ladies” who live in my area, all have the same intrests, kids the same age and I never would have met them without the blog community. I feel pretty fortunate.

  13. The fabulous Anne Sutton allegedly said:

    I feel so much better after taking your love drug! You deserve a full page spread in American Patchwork and Quilting. Your little bloggy club is a great club and open to us all! Pass the cheezits!

  14. The fabulous little lovelies allegedly said:

    So cute! Love the BLD!I alsmost said love the “love drug” but then I realized that that is a whole ‘nother subject entirely!

  15. The fabulous Elizabeth allegedly said:

    Sorry, but that article was not nearly LONG enough. Hope APQ talks to you again. And takes pictures.
    You are awesome!

  16. The fabulous Patti allegedly said:

    Marvelous post! Ah, yes - I don’t know how I lived without the Bloggy Love Drug. My life was so much emptier! An online friend from a yahoo group list told me she just didnt’ “get” blogs. How much she is missing!

  17. The fabulous Liquid Sky Arts allegedly said:

    At our next meet up you have to promise to bring that article, ok?!

    p.s. Step 4, might need to be moved up a few more notches! :)

  18. The fabulous The Chicken Lady allegedly said:

    Love drug..isn’t that like Cialis or something?ha gha ha ha ha

  19. The fabulous lindiepindie allegedly said:

    Great post, Monica. Don’t forget Wordpress! It’s free as well.

  20. The fabulous Heidi allegedly said:

    Yes, except I’ve replaced your Cheez-It’s with MY Honey Flavored Wheat Thins! So much to balance here…balancing my laptop with magazines, books, crafts, journals, projects and my coffee! Plus running back and forth between my studio/office and sewing/craft room! Great Plan!

  21. The fabulous louise allegedly said:

    oh you far out and groovy spreader of all things good! glad the shift has been easy! rock on sister!!! xxx

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